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They are the mothers, homemakers, sisters, and caregivers of our community. They are the pillars of strength we call “Women”.

This Women’s Day we celebrate 60 years of female empowerment.

National Women’s Day is a South African public holiday celebrated on the 9th of August every year. The reason why we celebrate this day is to show patronage to the 1956 Women’s March, in which more than 20 000 multi-racial women participated to boycott against the country’s pass laws where non-whites were forced to carry around a “dompass” in order to control segregation, population and manage foreign labor during apartheid. The women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, and stood proud for 30 minutes, while singing a song specially written for the occasion, while also coining the phrase “if you strike a woman, you strike a rock’’, they then handed over thousands of petitions which contained over 100 000 signatures. The caliber of women who participated in the march was widely diverse, domestic workers attended carrying their white employers’ children on their back, and all the other women carrying children of their own. The women used traditional attire to emphasize their culture and tradition. They exhibited dignity and discipline that was considered highly impressive.

Women were often seen as the ‘’voice behind the man” but after this event took place, they had a voice of their own. Today, society has changed drastically and women are feeling more empowered and liberated. Many women are now breadwinners in their homes, CEOs of massive companies, and fine politicians. The women’s march has paved the way for female success and virtue.

It is a societal accomplishment and an overcome of domination, for non-whites being controlled by the government and for women being controlled by men.

Women need to be applauded every day for the struggles they have overcome, being the mother, chef and domestic in every household, regardless of race.

It is because of all brave women that we can, as a nation, celebrate the 9th of August this year, and every year after. We are in remembrance of all the strong women who showed their courage 60 years ago.

Thank you for making a difference in our country and our lives.

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