Using Corporate Gifts to Market Your Brand


While there may be many forms of advertising, corporate gifting might not exactly come to mind – well that needs to change. Many companies today are looking to corporate gifts to assist them with brand awareness. The problem here is – many of the same companies spend too much on gifts that oftentimes, lay in the cupboard or get passed on to a friend. The trick to corporate gifting is to give a gift that is an everyday item. Something the “giftee” should use all the time and think of the brand while doing so.

Here are some tips to make corporate gifts work for you:

Logos are essential

A corporate gift creates brand remembrance, unless well, it’s not branded. If the gift does not have a logo, the person will less likely remember where it came from. Positive feelings while using the gift will create positive connections to the brand. In addition, a gift that is an everyday item will be more likely to be seen by others thus creating more awareness than you initially anticipated.

Cash or No Cash?

Simple. No cash. No one will remember your brand if the gift is dispensable. We’ve all been in that situation where we don’t know what to get for somebody, so we get a voucher instead – but when it comes to business, corporate branding and acknowledgement is key. Here you WANT appreciation and declaration. Don’t take the power away from yourself.

Suitability is everything

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable corporate gift, such as cultural differences, budget and quantity. It is best to associate your brand with useful and appropriate gifts. It’s quite pointless to give out branded handbag holders to employees who work in a construction company, right? Know your employees.

Source: Amrod Corporate Clothing & Gift Supplier

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